Magical Walk (2013)
New Year Postcard (2013)
The Brave Little Tailor (2011) Ed. Pictus
A cute gang (2013)
The interview
The Brave Little Tailor - Page 5 (2011) Ed. Pictus
Pocho, el dragón multicolor
Gregor Samsa
Christmas Postcard 2012
The big red fish (2007)
A bitter winter
Going back home
The visitor
Martian Life #10
A queen without a castle
Halloween Latino
Las lamparitas del bosque (unpublished book)
Police character
An attractive smell
The Brave Little Tailor - Page 4 (2011) Ed. Pictus
Martian Life #03
Bing bong
Russian scene
Martian Life #04
Soviet Christmas (2011)
San Valentín
Martian Life #05
Martian Life #02
Prince of e-mails (2009)
Martian Life #07
Martian Life #09
Invasiones (2008)
Mr. Dimitri
Martian Life #12
Sunday at Once
Martian Life #14
Martian Life #13
Badgets (2008)
A night at the burlesque
The big red fish (2007)
Chernobyl racer (2007)
The No Yorker #02
Martian Life #11
The No Yorker #05
The No Yorker #03
Martian Life #01
The big red fish - Surprise! (2007)
Struwwelpeter - Pedro Melenas (2010)
Gusto por disgustar - Ed. Quipu (2010)
Gusto por disgustar - Ed. Quipu (2010)
The desperate demon (2009)
Young dead runs along the soviet agent
Martian Life #08
El eternauta
Smiling under the rain
Secret reading
The Idol
Guillermo y su laberinto - Viñetas - Ed. Uranito (2013)
Two Salieris
We are modern people - Tshirt
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